research & Development

North West Enterprise Sdn. Bhd.
, with close working collaboration with Dri'N Guard Sdn. Bhd. consistently updates its technology to supply quality and innovative products thus meeting customer’s stringent requirement.

We have invested substantially and will continue to do so in the R&D division to develop as well as improve existing products to meet current market demands, toiletries in particular.

We have our own laboratories to conduct various tests to ensure our products contain a skin friendly 5.5pH value. With the consultation and advice from selected dermatologist, our customer's high standards and requirements are consistently met.

On the manufacturing sector, latest state of the art equipment are used in the production area. Our team of technical experts work hand in hand with equipment suppliers to upgrade its fleet of equipment to the latest options available to ensure quality products are manufactured.

Our most recent developed bio-degradable products are proof of our efforts in implementing new technologies to provide quality products while preserving the environment.